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DEXA - Bone Mineral Density Scan/ Body Composition 


DEXA is an imaging procedure using X-Rays to measure bone mineral density. It is a common imaging procedure used to diagnose and follow osteoporosis.


Our Maroubra, Liverpool and Randwick(Silver St) practices offer DEXA every day for all patients.

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Patient Information*

Health Professional Information

Medicare Criteria for DEXA scans

Medicare rebate available if the patient meets the Criteria.

Click to download the Criteria Guide

Body Composition scans

DEXA body composition scan measures muscle mass and body fat percentage. DEXA scans are quick and painless. The scan is done in about 10 minutes. Once the scan is done, a detailed report will be generated showing where the muscle and fat is located in your body and we will give you a printed report to take home.

Body Composition is available at our Maroubra and Randwick (Silver St) rooms for only $90 and no referral is needed.

*Please follow preparation instructions as advised by our staff at the time of scheduling your appointment. 

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