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Current Spectrum Medical Imaging protocol regarding Coronavirus

6 November 2023

Have you tested positive to COVID19 in the past 5 days? 


If you answer YES, please call our Spectrum reception staff who will be able to assist you with further advice ensuring the health and safety of our staff, patients and visitors into this practice.  


Eastern Suburbs:        02 9197 8000

South West Suburbs: 02 9197 8100

Wearing Of Face Masks In Spectrum Medical Imaging:

Face masks are mandatory for all ultrasound patients and their support person (aged 12 years and over), as a safe distance cannot be maintained for the duration of the scan in the ultrasound room. 


All other patients and visitors into the practice are strongly encouraged to wear a mask as a safe distance cannot be maintained.

Support Persons Into Spectrum Medical Imaging:

Obstetric ultrasound patients will be allowed one support person to enter during the scan and a mask to be worn at all times. 


If a patient requires support during any other examination (excluding ultrasound), assistance will only be permitted if a mask is worn at all times by the support person when assisting in clinical areas.


Thank you for your cooperation

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