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3D Mammography

3D Mammography


Spectrum Medical Imaging offers the new state of the art breast 3D Mammography/tomosynthesis in our Bankstown, Liverpool and Randwick (Silver Street) locations. 

The centres are run by experienced breast radiologists, some of whom have fellowships in breast imaging. 

Our subspecialist Breast Radiologists not only review and interpret these images, but are also involved in weekly breast cancer meetings at Liverpool Hospital, equipping them with additional knowledge and skills.

We aim to provide a professional service where women are treated sensitively by experienced empathetic staff in a centre dedicated to the health and wellbeing of women.

Breast Tomosynthesis

Breast tomosynthesis (often referred to as 3D mammography) is a type of X-ray examination of the breast. It has already been shown to be beneficial in the detection of small breast cancers compared with conventional mammography- particularly in women with dense breast tissue - which can mask abnormal areas in a conventional mammogram. Tomosynthesis is widely used in private diagnostic clinics where patients are often investigated for breast symptoms or if they have an increased risk of breast cancer (InsideRadiology 2016).

Patient Information*

Health Professional Information

*Please follow preparation instructions as advised by our staff at the time of scheduling your appointment. 

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