At Spectrum Medical Imaging we use the most recent computed radiography equipment for general x-rays.
The images are taken using digital detectors and not the typical film used in many practices.

These images are then available for viewing, printing and interpretation by the radiologist.

This technology speeds up examination time, reduces the radiation dose required for the examination and significantly reduces the need for repeat examinations. The images can then be viewed on film, on CD, using a flashdrive or online.

High-quality X-Ray in Sydney

As we move towards a better world, it is only right that more people get access to a higher quality of health care. Great health care starts with the right diagnosis. At Spectrum Medical Imaging, we are a radiology practice and we have been in business for quite some time. We know how important it is to have superior equipment and that is exactly what we have in all our practices. If your doctor wants an X-Ray in Sydney done, come to us. We are fast, efficient and the truth is that, with our superior technology, we just do a better job.

Superior X-Rays: That’s our promise!

At our company, which is highly respected in the whole of the Sydney metropolitan area, we understand that people are looking for health care that is right for them and yet which does not cost the earth. We have made a lot of effort in ensuring that we are on the cutting-edge of radiology technology and our equipment reflects that. X-Rays in Sydney are commonplace with doctors prescribing them to understand the nature of a problem, whether it is of the arms, the legs or the heart. Because we are able to use superior technology, we can assure that the images will be of high-quality and of a high resolution. With us, you truly have nothing to worry about.

Why choose us for X-Rays in Sydney?

We possess the latest computed radiography machines at our practices for general X-Rays that we are asked to do.  We do not use the typical film that is used in more traditional settings. Instead, we take images using digital detectors that our equipment has. This helps us to make those images available to our patients and their doctors in a variety of different ways. Whether it is for the purposes of viewing, printing or interpretation, digital images are better. Here are the advantages you get when you choose us at Spectrum Medical Imaging:

  • Lower doses of radiation which is better for our patients
  • Lesser need of repeated testing
  • The examination time is speeded up by a lot
  • Whether it is on a CD, on film, a flashdrive or online, we are able to produce these images anywhere you want them

Better health care available near you

We are proud to announce that we now have several more practices dotted all over Sydney. Whether it is Randwick High Street or Randwick Silver Street, Maroubra or Liverpoool, you will certainly find us near where you live. We are truly the best choice when it comes to getting X-Rays in Sydney done. Our radiology technicians are experts and true professionals and they will make sure that all through the procedure, you feel absolutely relaxed and comfortable. They are all from well-known medical institutions so you have nothing to worry about. You can fix an appointment with us through our website at http://www.spectrumradiology.com.au/ by uploading your doctor’s prescription on it and we will get back to you.

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