Workers Compensation

Spectrum Medical Imaging now offer a ONE STOP SHOP for Workers Compensation, CTP & Injury Claims

02 8072 0331

The staff at Spectrum Medical Imaging understands the stress and hassle that patients and doctors experience when going through an Injury Claim.

We have a dedicated team who specialises in liaising with the insurance companies to have a patients claim approved in a timely manner.


Once the doctor or patient have sent the Imaging Referral Form to us, we obtain approval, contact the patient for an appointment, image the patient and send the doctor the final results.

You send us the referral, we send you the results!

Injury Claims Hotline

Contact: Charrie
Phone: 02 8072 0331
Fax: 02 9602 8386
What to provide to Spectrum Medical Imaging
1. Imaging Referral Form
2. Insurance Company Name and Claim Number