Spectrum Medical Ultrasound Imaging is equipped with state of the art ultrasound machines.
As well as conventional general ultrasound, we are pleased to offer ultrasound guided interventional procedures including steroid injections into:

  • bursae
  • joints
  • ganglions
  • around tendons
  • ultrasound guided biopsies

Our sonographers had extensive experience in performing all branches of ultrasound.

Our list of services:

  • Obstetrics
  • Vascular
  • General

We also perform Nuchal translucency evaluations in pregnancy at our Randwick, Maroubra and Liverpool practices.

High-quality ultrasounds in Sydney

At Spectrum Medical Imaging, it is all about providing better health care to the people of Sydney. We understand how important it is for you to make sure that you and your family gets the best of health care you possibly can and that is why we always bring to our patients the latest in technology. Our ultrasounds in Sydney are fast, efficient and painless and we go the extra mile to make sure that our patients are comfortable when they are getting the procedure done. To us, better medical care is the goal and we strive to make it happen every day.

What is special about our medical ultrasounds in Sydney?

At Spectrum Medical Imaging, we are proud to possess state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment. Apart from general ultrasounds, we also offer the people of the city ultrasound-guided intervention procedures. For example, we do steroid injections into the bursae, around the tendons, ganglions, and joints. We also perform ultrasound-guided biopsies. As you can very well see, we are always one step forward from the rest of the competition and we are motivated to offer you the best radiology and pathological services at all times.

Ultrasound imaging services we have on offer

Apart from our ultrasound-guided intervention procedures, we also perform other services as well for our patients. Here’s a list of what we also do.

  • Obstetrics
  • General
  • Vascular

The specialist Nuchal translucency evaluation in pregnancy is also performed at our practices in Liverpool, Maroubra and Randwick Street. So you can see that no matter what branch of ultrasound someone may be interested in, it is all done here at Spectrum Medical Imaging.

Choosing us for radiology and other pathological testing is a great idea

That is true. At our company, we are believers that everyone should have access to the best of medical and health care. Diagnosis is such an important foundation of getting good health care and that is the reason why we pay so much attention to it. Here are reasons why you should always be choosing us for ultrasounds in Sydney.

  • We are a fully independent radiology testing practice with absolutely no corporate affiliations. This makes us the smart choice for anyone and everyone.
  • We are equipped with the latest and the best technology and equipment which lets us provide the best radiology services to our patients. Technology makes a world of difference to pathology and diagnosis and our digital equipment are all world-class.
  • Whether you are looking to get an ultrasound in Sydney done or another test, anxiousness is something to be expected. Our friendly and professional staff makes sure that you get a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere from the moment you step into our practice.
  • Our radiologists and ultrasound technicians are highly qualified, trained and certified to perform their services.

Good medical care starts with us at Spectrum Medical Imaging. Come to us and see the difference we make. You can fix an appointment with us over our website.

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