Something to Smile About-Dental Imaging

Something to Smile About-Dental Imaging

Spectrum Medical Imaging offers a range of dental imaging services across all practice locations. Our team includes oral and maxillofacial radiologists who can offer specialised and expert dental imaging interpretation.

Who can refer for diagnostic imaging services?

  • Medical practitioners
  • Dental practitioners
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeons
  • Prosthodontists
  • Dental specialists-periodontists, endodontists, pedeodontists, orthodontists
  • Specialists in oral medicine/oral pathology Dental prosthetists are not currently about to order imaging under Medicare

What dental imaging services are available at Spectrum? How are they useful? Who can refer?

2D Dental Diagnostic Imaging


  • A panoramic radiograph illustrating upper and lower jaw anatomy, with all teeth, frontal and maxillary sinuses, the nasal cavity and the temporomandibular joint. Images are taken at a number of planes to create the composite image. Such imaging has a broad range of applications with particular usefulness in diagnosis and orthodontic assessment.

Frontal and Lateral Cephalogram

  • An X-ray taken of the front and side of the skull. It is particularly useful for assessment of relationships between major anatomical structures, which is needed for treatment planning

Bone Age Study

  • An X-ray is taken of a child’s fingers, hand and wrist with an assessment of the epiphyses (growth plates). The skeletal maturity can be derived to detect advanced or delayed growth which has a relationship with dental maturation. This is a useful test for treatment planning for paediatric dental practitioners.

2D dental imaging is available at our Liverpool, Maroubra, Randwick and Alexandria locations.

3D Dental Diagnostic Imaging

CS 9000 3D Cone Beam CT

  • This high resolution, low radiation technology is commonly used for wisdom tooth extraction planning and tooth implantation treatment. Medicare rebate is available for referrals from a dental specialist or medical practitioner.

CT Dentascan

  • This specialised CT scan uses special software to give detailed 3D anatomy of the jaw and soft tissues. This modality has broad use but is particularly useful in assessing impacted teeth and tooth implantation planning. Medicare rebate is available with referral from a dental specialists and medical practitioners.


  • MRI scans are useful for assessing soft tissue structures. Medicare rebate is available with referral from a dental specialists or medical specialist (not a GP).

3D Cone Beam Imaging is available at Randwick.