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If you are booked to come into Spectrum Medical Imaging, you can read below to find out how to prepare for you particular procedure. See below for instructions on what to eat and drink in the lead up to your appointment. For information on what each of these procedures involves, please visit the Services page.

If you have any other concerns or questions, feel free to contact us at our practices

Fast for 8 hours prior to exam.

Thyroid, Breast, Scrotum:
No special preparation.

Pelvis, Kidney, Bladder, Pregnancy:
Patients must have a full bladder. Finish drinking 1 litre of water one hour prior to exam. Do not empty bladder after initiating drinking.

Multi-slice CT2366938
Head, Neck, Chest, CT angiogram:
Fast for 2 hours prior to test.
May drink some water.

Abdomen and Pelvis:
Fast for 4 hours prior to test, arrive 1 hour before test to drink oral contrast.

Digital Radiography & OPG9982386No special preparation required.

For information on this procedure, visit the Services page.

Interventional procedures6502513Before any interventional procedure you will need to speak to our staff regarding your current medication and bleeding tendency.

For information on this procedure, visit the Services page.

Please fill out the appropriate MRI questionnaire
form/s to bring to your appointment1393227631