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3D printing now available at Spectrum

3D printing makes diagnosis and surgeries quicker, safer and more accurate.

A quick 2-3 day return with emergency same day turnaround time when requested.

3D printing has amazing healthcare potential, with uses in many specialty areas including:

The best quality medical imaging in Sydney

At Spectrum Medical Imaging, it has always been our endeavour to be a part of the amazing health care that people are increasingly looking for. We believe that health care is something that should be accessible to everyone and with that goal in mind we offer radiology services which are world-class. We are proud of the pathological services we offer at all our practices spread all over Sydney. Medical imaging in Sydney is something that is essential for good health care and we make sure that our patients get the very best every time.

Importance of medical imaging

It is incredibly important. Without it, the right diagnosis is just not possible. In a previous era, doctors depended on their knowledge of symptoms to find out what a patient was suffering from. Such diagnosis may have been right or it may have been wrong. However, medical advancements have made us less dependent on such random diagnostic methods. Medical imaging in Sydney that we at Spectrum Medical Imaging have made available is done using superior equipment and high-quality technology. That is the reason why with us you can always expect accurate and high-resolution images that will help your doctor diagnose better.

Services on offer

We have a plethora of services on offer at our practices. From dental imaging to MRIs’, CT scans to coronary angiograms, we do it all. We also perform ultrasound-directed biopsies as well. Our medical imaging in Sydney services are fully comprehensive to meet all general and specialist medical needs you may have.

3D printing available

We have recently introduced 3D printing services as well. Medical 3D printing is a technology of incredible importance in the industry. It makes diagnosis not only easier than it was; it is also technology that has a lot of potential in the future as well. It is truly the next level. With 3D printing, we can now convert your CT scan, MRI or ultrasound into a 3D image that is anatomically correct. The technology has a lot of potential in a variety of ways including in surgical planning, for more accurate diagnosis and in the prosthesis manufacturing procedure. It has been known to make diagnoses and surgeries easier and a lot more accurate than they were traditionally. We are proud to say that we have this amazing technology available at Spectrum Medical Imaging.

Why we are the best place for medical imaging in Sydney?

There are many reasons why this is so.

  • We are a truly advanced facility and all the practices we have are equipped with the latest and most technologically-rich equipment and machinery.
  • Our radiologist technicians are great at what they do and they always make sure that the patient is relaxed and comfortable.

High-quality and accurate medical imaging goes a long way in making sure that people get the right health care. At Spectrum Medical Imaging, we understand the importance of great radiology services. Fix an appointment with us through our website today.


The future applications of 3D printing bringing Spectrum Radiology to the next level in Healthcare.

Data from your CT, MRI or even Ultrasound scan can be converted into a physical 3D anatomically correct replica. This has major opportunities for surgical planning, prothesis manufactoring and allows for more accurate diagnosis.

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